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INNOVATIVELY:  Educating, Honoring, Thanking and Promoting Nurses:"The Unsung Heroes of Healthcare!"
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Second Annual 
Continuing Nurse Education Symposium & Celebration
May 11, 2020 (National Nurses Week) 
Aboard FantaSea One /4215 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Operation Scrubs, Inc. is a  California non-profit/tax exempt nurse and public education organization
      * CORONA VIRUS POLICY/ACTIVITY UPDATE (Revised 3/12/2020) * 

OPERATION SCRUBS/2020 is scheduled to continue as below
and website-indicated pursuant to CDC/Covid/19 Event Guidelines

  • SYMPOSIUM TUITION WAIVED:  Includes event-attending nurses and WEBCAST viewers!
  • ATTENDANCE REDUCED:  Restricted to invited local/California nurses, event staff, sponsors/vendors & news media!
  • WEBCAST EXPANDED:  Streaming nationally/worldwide "live" and by video-on-demand thereafter!
  • ACCREDITED CONTINUING EDUCATION WEBCAST:  Made available to 6,500+ US hospitals/3.8+ million nurses!
  • Revised Symposium/Related Activity Sponsor/Vendor Opportunities:  One (1) Symposium and Webcast Presenting Sponsor replacement; or One (1) Symposium Presenting and One (1) Webcast Presenting Sponsors!                              Symposium Segment and Vendor Sponsorship's are also now available to help recover or reduce event and webcast production costs, e.g., symposium course segments; continental breakfast; buffet lunch; post-event hospitality mixer; food/beverage.  Also: IN-KIND support service; SWAG gifts for attending nurses, course presenters and volunteer event staff; and four (4) hotel rooms  + One (1) hospitality suite (May 10/11) for invited/honored “Nurse Hero” guests speakers.  For details, call 800.627.6156, Ext. 802.
  • Event date remains May 11/2020 (during National Nurses Week / May 6-12)
  • Priority Invitations:  Are offered to "bedside nurses" and selected by invited hospitals and personal Operation Scrubs, Inc. invitations. "Bedside Nurses" defined as "Boots-on-the-floor" nurses who provide basic patient needs to prevent deterioration and facilitate their safe, timely recovery. ED/ICU and Advance Practice Nurses are also invited.
  • 7.5 Accredited Continuing Nurse Education Unit. 
  • Event Attendee Registration / Opened February 29, 2020:  ($100 Symposium Tuition Waived) The only cost is $13.50 for third-party service fees, e.g., verified symposium registration / attendance, data processing, BRN required course evaluation / compliant viewership survey, webcast production, and credit card processing.  Registration also includes post-event video/on-demand webcast access.
  • Webcast Registration for Continuing Education Credit / Scheduled to Open March 31st: Same details as above Event Attendee Registration but without event attendance)
  • FREE Webcast Viewing (Without Continuing Nurse Education Credit) Scheduled to open March 31st.
  • Event Proceeds:  All Operation Scrubs staff and symposium presenters are volunteers, and 100% of the event's audited net revenue goes towards advanced nursing education scholarships.
      Looking forward to seeing, albeit a smaller number of new and familiar faces. 
Hello, I'm Pamela Nye and Welcome to my
 Operation Scrubs/2020 Nurse Symposium and Celebration website.
     If you're a first-time visitor, or unaware of the inaugural 
May 6, 2019 event ("Scrubs I") it was an "exciting and amazing success!"  
    As a result, the event is being expanded and this website is currently being upgraded in preparation for this historic Year-of-the-Nurse celebration.
2nd Annual Nurse Symposium & Celebration
​National Nurses Week, May 11, 2020  
 FantaSea One Yacht
4215 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Operation Scrubs, Inc. is a  California non-profit/tax exempt nurse and public education organization
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