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OPERATION SCRUBS: Educating, Honoring, Thanking and Promoting Nurses:"The Unsung Heroes of Healthcare!"
2nd Annual Nurse Symposium & Celebration
​National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2020  
 FantaSea One Yacht * Dock 52
13552 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Operation Scrubs, Inc. is a  California non-profit/tax exempt     nurse and public education organization
Operation Scrubs 2020 plans that I'm currently able to share with you include: 
  • Operation Scrubs/2020 includes:
          *    Accredited NO-FEE SYMPOSIUM for 120 nurse attendees, including a nationally distributed "live and
                celebrating the 200th birthday of  Florence Nightingale, recognized for establishing modern day nursing
                care practice and extraordinary life-saving wartime care for military soldiers;
          *   Nationwide launch of Operation Scrubs' "See-a-Nurse? Thank a Nurse" Challenge.
          *   "No Fee" symposium's CE units offered by "live" and video-on-demand streaming webcasts with
                distribution viewing available in U.S. to 7,200+ hospitals and 3.8+ million registered nurses.
  • 2020 event dates are May 10-12 (during and ending of National Nurses Week)
          *    Day 1/May 10: Arrival / Check-in / Possible Reception
          *    Day 2/May 11: Symposium / Post-Event Hospitality Mixer
          *    Day 3/May 12: Nurse Appreciation Activities + NightinGala celebration / Entertainment / Harbor Dinner
                Cruise / Entertainment / Swag
  • 120 symposium-attending "bedside nurses" are selected by invited hospitals.
               ("Bedside Nurses" defined as the "boots-on-the-floor/unsung hero nurses who provide basic patient needs to                prevent deterioration and facilitate their safe, timely recovery)
          *  Invitation breakdown:  Represent all 50 states, WDC and 6 U.S. Territories:
               -   62  "Host Nurses" from event host state (California) _
               -   58  Out-of-State Nurses: 1 per each state, District of Columbia and 5 U.S. Territories
​                 120  Total nurse invitations
  • Symposium will again include an 8.0 hours of BRN/CEU credit.
  • Registration accepted on a first-response basis 
  • All Operation Scrubs staff and symposium presenters are volunteers, and 100% of event's audited net
          proceeds go towards Pamela Jane Nye/Operation Scrubs Advanced Nursing Education Scholarships
  • Early registration expected to begin during February 2020

  • What's being discussed for Operation Scrubs 2020 but no yet decided:    
          "No Symposium Fee"* to attend the event, or to receive the live/video-on-demand streaming webcasts.
                    -   Webcast viewing is free.  If viewed for continuing education credit, there is are $13.50 third-party costs: $10 for symposium
                         registration/data processing/CE certificate issuance; and $3.50 credit card charge.
          *  "No Cost Event Lodging"* for out-of-state nurse invitees:
                    -  Akin to the successful foreign exchange student hosting program, local event-area nurses are providing 3-days/3-nights lodging 
                       in their homes, also airport-pick up and return transportation for out-of-state nurse invitees; or
                    -  Nurses stay at one hotel, with local symposium attending nurses providing airport pick-up/return and to/from symposium travel. 
          *  NightinGala celebration activities/entertainment
          *  Pages on this site are being replaced or revised and identified as "Under Development" until completed
          *  Event sponsors and vendors
          *  Official Airline(s) or Travel Agency offering complimentary air travel.
Looking forward to seeing a 'boat-load' of new faces.  -- 
-- Pamela Jane Nye
Hello, I'm Pamela Nye and Welcome to my
 Operation Scrubs Nurse Symposium and Celebration website.
     If you're a first-time visitor, or unaware of the inaugural 
May 6, 2019 event ("Scrubs I") it was an "exciting and amazing success!"  
    As a result, the event is being expanded and this website is currently being upgraded in preparation for "Scrubs 2" (2020). 
2nd Annual Nurse Symposium & Celebration
​National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2020  
 FantaSea One Yacht * Dock 52
13552 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
Operation Scrubs, Inc. is a  California non-profit/tax exempt nurse and public education organization